-          My original intentions when I started this project was to follow the brief that I was given, I was given the words ‘Inside, Outside, Inbetween’ as a starting point.

-          From these words I came up with a lot of ideas with fellow class mates about how we could perceive these words and came up with preliminary ideas surrounding the subjects ‘Urban and Rural’, ‘DNA’, ‘Fingerprints’ and ‘Media Iconography’.

-          I did research into artist with very different styles like Carsten Witte, who photographs the faces of models and shows the skeletal form underneath, and Janne Parviainen, who creates scenes using light painting.

-          My original research influenced my final outcomes quite a lot as the subject of ‘DNA’ led me to start looking at the inside of peoples bodies as a whole and my research on Carsten Witte then pushed me in the direction of again looking a the inside of the body as a whole but also how the body relates to the mind.

-          My final outcomes were intended to concentrate on these themes of expressing what effects people’s minds and then showing that in a physical way.

-          Carsten Witte tried to portray in her pieces is what people are underneath all there beauty, so it could be less of a question of how people are down to their anatomy but rather how their anatomy is tied to who they are as person.

-          In her work I really felt that she was trying to scare a message into her audience which is something I tried to imitate in my pieces by making the scenes look very graphic and showing ties between mental pain and physical pain by showing another version of someone busting out of the real persons chest.

-          When experimenting I tried playing around with a lot of the settings, trying to make the tone of the pictures more dramatic which is a technique I carried onto the final pieces concentrating on making lighting and shading look harsher.

-          In the final pieces I chose to use the ‘NHS’ and ‘Rethink’ as the foundation and cause I would design for, as I  felt they would be the best to advertise for since they relate most to theme.

-          They are the ones most likely to make campaign posters for mental health, so I placed their logos in the posters I designed placing text that would relate to my theme.

-          If I had another chance to do my final piece, I’d probably have backed up the background images that I created during the exam earlier on in my work. I didn’t make any hands joined or padded background.


These pieces were produced during my 12 hour exam in response to the words we were given, ‘Inside, Outside, Inbetween’.

I believe that these pieces correctly line to the work that i have been doing leading up to the to my exam. Although some of my earlier research and pieces may show different possible routes i could have taken i have structured this Final Outcome as best i could to encompass the entirety of my prep work. 

Work so far

Work so far

Work so far

Work so far

Work so far

More Experimentation with different lighting and color filters.

More Experimentation.

Since the last experiment i made didn’t seem serious enough i decided to design a poster for a company or event that may need a less serious picture, so i chose to design a poster for the ‘Skills London’ event which is basically an event that takes place every year to give graduates a chance to go to fair where many company’s are hoping to hire people with a degree.

I focused on making the colour gradient for these posters because although it may not be horrific enough for a mental health poster, it still looks a little disturbing.

I put the text ‘Unlock your full potential’ to make it clearer that it was a skills fair and not a movie poster, and that by having another body breaking free of his body, the poster meant that by going to the job fair you’d be ‘unlocking your true potential’.

I think the experiment i made was kind of unsuccessful since i’ve had quite a lot of people saying that the picture looks way too scary for a job fair.

Still keeping with the idea where another body is trying to escape from the inside of the main body of the person in the photo, i decided to experiment with have someone’s face trying to break free of someone’s body instead of a hand.

 The result was much less horrific and had more of a comical appeal than a shocking feel to it so i’m unsure with whether or not to use it as apart of another mental health poster.

I think that might come down to the fact that in the picture i used, it’s almost as if i’m smiling when i should be looking like i’m in pain, coupled with the techniques i use, i may need to focus on my acting when i model for a piece i’m making.

I’ve created this poster from the piece i created earlier on, keeping with the idea of making  people believe mental health is as important as physical health and therefore needs to be talked about a lot more by people.

I’ve made the background of the poster very desolate, only adding a smoky looking layer for effect, because i wanted to really personify the fact that the person in the picture is completely alone while they are being torn apart.

I’ve already used the ‘NHS’ and ‘Rethink’ as the people i would be designing for in the past as i feel that the message i’m trying to carry across is similar to theirs. 

The work i have created in response to my A2 Graphics Exam, 'Inside, Outside, Inbetween'.

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